Allow me to introduce myself and “Why Should You Care”… [Britt’s Thoughts]

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First of all – thank you for visiting my site. I appreciate your interest and I hope that you get hooked on all of the interesting and simplified conservation information I will be presenting to you.

I highly suggest that you start by reading the brief a little about the author section on the home page of this site. It will tell you about myself as well as why I have created this site for you and what you can expect to find. Also, if you really hit it off with what I have to say – scroll down to click follow and subscribe to get emailed when I post more stuff.

Don’t forget to check out the awesome photos taken by the talented, Jake Schaeffler – and now, start your reading!

Spread the word. You make the difference!



Instagram: @whyshouldyoucare_

2 responses to “Allow me to introduce myself and “Why Should You Care”… [Britt’s Thoughts]”

  1. You rock!! Love hearing what you have to say…most of the time 😉. Lol


  2. Good for you. Your opinion is scientifically based, it matters and should be heard. Spread the word Brittnei and wake up people!


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