Brittnei and WSYC [Britt’s Thoughts]

Recently, Jake and I took our annual trip to Yosemite. While savoring the fresh air and looking in awe upon the granite walls surrounding us, we put together this short informational video for you to further understand what exactly Why You Should Care does – and why it was created.

There are two components to WSYC- Out in the field and and at home on your computer. Both components are aimed at helping the public better understand their connection to conservation topics. However, the in the field component requires a more hands-on approach to directly help conservation organizations, non-profits, and researchers understand how they are truly impacting their audiences and reaching their educational conservation goals.

This research and work is important because as one scientists has stated, “While a scientific finding might be a biological achievement in one aspect, it may also be a social failure in another – if not understood and appreciated by the public.” -Batista 2010

So please watch the short video above, subscribe to this website and share this page as much as you would like. Also, follow Why Should You Care on Instagram @whyshouldyoucare_ .It is my goal to reach as many people and conservation groups as possible to offer my services to them. I believe in this work with all my heart and I know it can lead to a greater understanding of how conservation science and the public can better understand each other.

Please contact me if you have any ideas/interest in allowing me to carry out my research to help your cause and this planet.

Thank you!


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