Mission: Wolf

Have a look at this short video Jake put together using some footage from our recent trip to Mission:Wolf!

In case you are wondering what’s next – I am currently putting together some strategic questions for Mission:Wolf to help them gain a deeper understanding of how well the public is receiving the educational work they are providing. This is imporant because as I have learned (and many wildlife conservationists would also agree) – it is increasing education and spreading awareness of the importance for wildlife that will ultimately inspire others to care – leading to the possibility and increased likelihood of long-term changes being made to help protect this planet’s beautiful and more than deserving species.

(Check out this link to learn more specifically what I plan to do and make sure to read my last post for more details on our trip!)

Mission:Wolf plans to train their staff in disseminating my research questions to different groups and tours that visit the center throughout the summer… From there – I will do some qualitative data analysis to discover new insights and meanings coming from first-hand accounts and experiences of those who also interacted with the wolves and staff at Mission:Wolf. Pretty cool right?! Lets just hope I am as smart as I believe I am… haha!

In the mean time – I plan to stay in touch with John Ramer who helped make our stay great and introduced us to all that Mission:Wolf has to offer… Come to find out – he is a very talented nature and wildlife photographer who has some great work! Make sure to check out John Ramer’s Photography to see more… His Facebook can also be found at this link and his Instagram is @johnramerphoto.

I hope you enjoy this video. Also – make sure to follow Jake’s Instagram for more awesome pics and footage at @jakeschaefflerphoto.

Stay tuned for my next post coming soon and keep doing you!

You make the difference,


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