The National Wildlife Federation: Patriotism, Wildlife, and Conservation

Why should you care about the National Wildlife Federation (NWF)?

Before reading on about the NWF, I want you to take just 30 seconds and think about all the different wildlife that call North America home. I am sure you could name at least five – maybe even ten different species. Now take another 30 seconds and think about the other species of wildlife that live across this planet’s continents. Perhaps you came up with a few more species off the top of your head… However, I think it is fair to assume that you weren’t able to recall all the names of the remaining 8.7 million plus species scientists currently estimate exist.

Now, take just a final moment and think about the species you do know of… Where do they live? What problems are they facing? How do you feel when you consider that our actions might mean their extinction?

Personally, it overwhelms me. That is why I do what I do. Why I encourage others to care. And while I don’t have all of the answers – and I definitely don’t know all 8.7 million species – I do know that it is going to take each of us doing our own individual part to make any difference in the fate of our planet’s wildlife. Whether that means talking to someone, reading about the latest news, or starting a non-profit – we all must put our passions and desires to work.

For example, the National Wildlife Federation is just one of the many organizations doing their part to protect wildlife, habitat, and to inspire future generations of conservationist. If you feel at all interested in learning more about what you can do – or in what this national organization is doing – I encourage you to check out their website –

But in the mean time, let me summarize the purpose and some of the work of the NWF. I hope this post encourages you to take action in whatever big or small way you feel is best. In fact, just reading this post means that you care in some way – and in my opinion, that is the most important ingredient for change.

What the NWF believes…

The NWF is founded on the belief that America’s natural wildlife and landscapes help to define our national character and identity. Unlike other organizations, the NWF is unique in that it takes a sense of pride in American wildlife by connecting it to our personal heritage.

The NWF brings a sense of ownership and responsibility towards America’s nature by viewing it through the lens of culture and pride. And while all wildlife holds intrinsic value of their own – I do believe that viewing certain animals as flagship species can increase public appreciation for conservation. Furthermore, the NWF also believes that as citizens of the USA, we have a national responsibility to foster a love for the outdoors within the American youth. Among other areas, they also encourage conservation on private lands to support healthy wildlife populations and keep wild habitats connected.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 9.49.36 PM

Who is the NWF?

The NWF is made up of affiliate groups from across the country with over six million members and supporters. Most affiliated groups are nonprofits that take lead roles in local and state wildlife conservation efforts. Interestingly, only one affiliate is allowed per state. Together, the group works alongside the NWF to set and reach conservation policy goals through an annual resolution process. Just a few of the groups that make up the NWF are the Environmental Advocates of New York, the Colorado Wildlife Federation, and the Earth Conservation Corps.

In addition to these groups, general supporters of the National Wildlife Federation also play a crucial role in the success of their various conservation initiatives. The NWF relies on the public to help impact policy change and to inspire future generations.

What is the NWF doing right now?
Right now the NWF is advocating for conservation, connecting kids with nature, battling climate change, and keeping wildlife habitat secure. More specifically, the NWF works to hold federal agencies and other groups accountable for the protection of endangered species. They strive to create private land owner incentives aimed at protecting wildlife as well as to prevent the growth of invasive species.

Another important effort of the NWF is in creating State Wildlife Action Plans. Basically, you can think of these plans as blue prints created to protect endangered wildlife within each state. The plans assess which species are at risk and outline the steps needed to properly conserve them. By following these steps, endangered species are protected and the costs of doing so are reduced. Additionally, proper management plans can be enacted and the public can become more aware of species of concern within their state. The NWF is just one of over 6,000 American organizations that are supporting increased public funding for conservation and wildlife education.

With huge success, the NWF has played a role in carrying out the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act – which was introduced by congress in 2016. To combat continued wildlife endangerment, this Act is putting $1.3 billion in revenue annually to sate-led wildlife conservation efforts – like the Sate Wildlife Action Plans.

It is crucial to our American culture and to this planet’s wildlife – that the NWF and other such organizations continue their work managing wildlife populations while also encouraging future generations to become active participants. By using an approach that relates conservation to patriotism – the NWF continues to have a large impact in the protection of our countries endangered species.

Doing just a little bit of my part by gaining knowledge and contributing to the growth of wildlife management in SA.

What can You do to help the NWF?
Your involvement does make a difference. The NWF could not exist without supporters and those who have a love for the environment and a desire to protect wildlife. You can become a member of the NWF, give monthly to their cause, adopt an animal, or even learn sustainable gardening tips that can provide habitat for wildlife. If you are interested in learning more – visit this link.

Overall, just feeling inspired and doing your part to get others motivated helps as well. Live simply, appreciate our planet, and make sure that your money is going towards sustainable conservation initiatives when traveling to National Parks and other wild places.

Thank you for taking the time to read and remember – check out to learn more about the work they are doing to protect our countries wildlife.



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