The Fleeting Gift [Britt’s Thoughts]

The other day while mindlessly watching TV, I happened to hear something said that quickly grabbed my attention… It was nothing extremely profound, yet it struck me as so.

“Inspiration is fleeting”

Yes, that is what I heard. Now let those words sink for a moment into your own mind. What do you feel? Any connection? Agree? Disagree? Let me tell you what I felt…

Firstly, the idea that inspiration is fleeting is something that I never fully considered, but always knew was true. And tended to feel bad about! There are days when we feel so inspired to take action towards an idea, a goal, a belief – and others where we don’t know where that feeling came from in the first place.

Why is that? Could it be that the moment we have the inspiration to act towards something is exactly the moment we are supposed to? And while we often revel in its beauty when it arrives – we are all too quick to dismiss its viability or value?

And maybe what we are feeling on the days lacking inspiration is really more of an “inaction hangover” – whose symptoms include a short case of subliminal apathy derived from identified, yet unmet potential for growth.

What if those moments, those days that we feel inspiration are in fact not by chance – but are timed perfectly by God to bring us to something that day, that week, or maybe a year later we may or may not realize…

My face after being hit by a rogue wave in Gansbaai, South Africa while Great White Shark diving. Pure inspiration!

Secondly, this statement to me suggests that it is acceptable to have days or times when you do not feel inspired in ways you perhaps once did (“inaction hangovers”). Why? Because we are human and we cannot always see the purpose of inspiration when it arrives. God knows we won’t hit the nail on the head every time – that is why inspiration won’t run dry for long.

I think inspiration comes to us similar to adrenaline when faced with an intimidating situation. I personally feel the same fire within me when I become inspired – but just like adrenaline – it doesn’t last forever. Realizing this, I believe it is important that we do begin to act when we have “adrenaline inspiration” pumped into our minds and hearts. Just like the life saving adrenaline, inspiration can have life changing effects – but only if we act in whatever way appropriate when prompted.

Thirdly, I think inspiration can come in many forms and flows into and out of many different avenues of our lives. However, it should be considered a gift in whatever way it is received. A gift that has more potential than we may know during the initial moment of impact. And in order to continue having moments of “adrenaline inspiration”, it is important that we respect the fleeting moments when they do occur. Whether by writing them down to revisit, by acting immediately, or by being thankful for the mere feeling of inspiration in itself.

Finally, I would like you to think about something that has made you feel inspired… Maybe that inspiration occurred yesterday, today, or a month ago. Did you act upon its arrival in whatever way needed? And while the arrival and moment of inspiration may have been fleeting for you – your reaction to the inspiration remains today.

If you did take action – you now know what became (or is becoming) of that fleeting moment of inspiration. If you did not take action – you may wonder what could have happened or you are awaiting your next fleeting moment of inspiration.

The light coming through these mountains to me – is inspirational.

Personally, I think whatever you choose, inspiration is a blessing. It is a tool used by God to bring awareness into our lives of our purpose, of our selves, and of our unmet potential. I think sometimes we tend to downplay inspirational moments by attributing them to some grandiose feeling in the moment derived from an outside source. But what if inspiration is more than that?

What if it is a moment of our calling revealing itself to us one fleeting moment at a time – or at least a step towards that calling? If so, then to dismiss such fleeting moments would be to do dismiss or delay your calling.

So next time you feel that fleeting moment of inspiration – consider taking action. Don’t dismiss its potential value. Take action right away. Because that moment might not last long in a world that is so capable of dulling our shine.

I felt inspired to write this post at 11:30pm on a Monday night. I am taking action. Will it help someone else take action? I hope so, but if nothing else – I know know what came of my visit from this particular burst of adrenaline inspiration. And I feel good about it.

Inspiration is fleeting. Grab a hold of it when you can.



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  1. Seriously! I just love you! Enough said ❤


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