Through the WSYC Lens

Well, it has already been 6 months six our journey to the Cheetah Outreach, South Africa. I cannot believe how time flies! Upon returning home, Jake and I both were quite busy catching up with work, family, and setting goals for the months ahead. However, we are excited to share with you one of the final videos showcasing the diverse aspects of the Cheetah Outreach.

We have created two separate videos (in addition to the one above) that the Cheetah Outreach can use to showcase their Educational and Volunteer programs at fundraising events. All videos can be watched on my Vimeo Site as well.

In addition to having patience, another thing I learned throughout this process is that creating videos (such as the one above) takes quite a lot of time, thinking, and creativity. We gathered quite a bit of content while in Africa and piecing it together was like painting a masterpiece from scratch…. We had all the colors in the world to use – but blending them perfectly together was a challenge. In the end, I think we came up with a pretty good vision to depict the work of the Cheetah Outreach.

Jake and I sat for up to almost five hours at a time for multiple days discussing our own ideas for the video, sifting through dozens of pieces of footage, and finally beginning to put them together. Most of the time, I did the directing while Jake crafted the video together seamlessly. I am thankful to have his videographer skills (and his abundant amount of patience) alongside me on my Why Should You Care adventures.

On the beach in Gansbaai, South Africa

Since creating this video – the Cheetah Outreach has shared it with hundreds of people on their Facebook page and soon on their Instagram page (@cheetah_outreach). It has been inspiring to see the positive feedback given from various viewers towards our video – and to know that we are helping the Outreach get the word out about their efforts to save the cheetah.

Along with the videos, I have finished my final research paper (almost 20 pages long) and we are in the process of creating my first ever WSYC Video Narrative. We spent a long four plus hours last week putting together the intro – which I will share with you below… Consider it a sneak peak! The rest will come over the next few weeks along with the published research paper for you to read!

My purpose for the creation of this narrative is to give a tangible vision to the work I do for WSYC. To give an entertaining depiction of the research and to share with the world the valuable results I find – so that other wildlife conservation groups might also consider the importance of my findings and suggestions. I pray that the final narrative video will push my WSYC cause further into the world of conservation so that I might have new opportunities to reach greater audiences. 

I would also like to share with you that the Cheetah Outreach is daily using the brochure I created for them at the Center. The brochure is handed out to each guest as they enter to give them an overview of the work of the Outreach and more information on how they can get involved. Click the link below to check it out for yourself! It took quite some time for me to create – along with a lot of peer reviewing by those in charge. I would say the final product is pretty awesome.

Cheetah Outreach Visitor Brochure PDF

Overall, our trip was more than a success – it was a dream come true – it taught Jake and me a lot about life, about having courage, and about pursuing our passions when we might not know the outcome.

There is plenty more footage and research to come – but I was too excited to wait so I had to share these with you now. I hope you enjoy watching all the videos, checking out the brochure, and are excited to see the final video narrative and paper I have produced.

You know, although I used to be afraid that my work and my research wouldn’t be valued – I am not anymore. I found that my fear of not enough people appreciating what I do – prevented me from doing anything for quite some time after returning from Africa. It was almost like an action paralysis of the mind – stemming from the heart. I think that is why it took me so long to create these videos and to complete my research paper. This WSYC work is my heart – and it is putting my heart out there for all to see… I was afraid it might not be good enough – or that nobody would care. But after a lot of prayer and reflection, I don’t feel that way anymore – and it won’t take me nearly as long after the next project to complete and share the research.

You see, God reminds us to commit our causes to Him (Proverbs 16:3). That is what I have decided to do. Although my cause is to protect wildlife and to find more ways to do so – the cause is actually all His. It is in his hands. I know my Why – He will show me His How. I have no doubt that something great will come of Why Should You Care by the plans I have committed to him – and embracing that has taken all the action paralysis I once felt away.

Thank you for reading and for caring. You make the difference!



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