Wellness and Wildlife

I have officially launched BrittFit – my new online health and fitness business! Now I am sure some of you might be wondering why I would feature BrittFit on a conservation based website.

On the surface, the two topics may seem rather different. But I believe upon taking a deeper look, you will realize  just how interconnected they can be.

Answer these questions for yourself…

How do you feel when you consistently strive to take care of yourself – mentally, physically, and spiritually?

What happens to your mood after going for a nice walk or a hike outside?

Are you more inclined to help yourself and/or others when you regularly take time to sweat?

Now, consider your answers to each of these questions…

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I believe it is safe to concur that positive self-care will generate additional positive feelings throughout our lives.

We generally feel more likely to take pride in the world around us (people and animals) when we are also taking care of ourselves.

With that said, I have seen far too many people sacrifice their health for the demands of a busy schedule, a temporary feeling, or an unbelief in their abilities.

And I firmly believe that when we sacrifice the wellness of our bodies, we also negatively interfere with our ability to have a positive influence on the world around us. Often, this may be subconscious or more obvious; but nonetheless, we are preventing ourselves form growing into the best possible stewards of the planet.

I also believe that the appreciation we show for ourselves when we invest in our wellness will permeate into the wildlife and environments around us. Whether human or wild, were all created by God to nurture our bodies by staying active, exploring new territories, and eating healthily.

I think sometimes we forget that although we are human – our hearts, organs, and lungs serve the same purpose as those within our planet’s wildlife: to survive, to grow, to serve God, and to provide us with the best opportunity to live abundantly.

This is after all one of the biggest threats to wildlife around the world; our inability to see our own interconnectedness. Call me crazy, but when I look into the eyes of an animal I feel that I can understand its need for love and respect. The same love and value that all of us deserve. And while I can’t always communicate with animals, I truly believe that fitness can help others to understand their own value and potential.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 5.05.04 PM
Talking wellness with a bat eared fox.

If BrittFit can encourage positivity within human lives, I believe it can also be reciprocated in our actions towards the planet. And if nothing else, a portion of all BrittFit funds will be saved and donated towards the valuable work of conservation organizations.

While I don’t know what the future brings, I do know that we each have control over the decisions that we make towards our health and wellness. I also believe that these decisions – big or small – will ultimately play a role in how we approach conservation and our relationship with other species.

When we take care of ourselves, we exude an energy of love and compassion that has the potential to change relationships with the wild world around us. Feeling confident from the outside increases inward strength. Inward strength allows us to believe in our own God-given power. And through that power we each have the opportunity to help the planet, protect wildlife, and serve God.

Thank you for reading,



If you want to support wildlife and your own wellness – check out what BrittFit has to offer. You can click the “BrittFit” tab on the homepage or visit this link.

2 responses to “Wellness and Wildlife”

  1. OMG. I was already thinking that something was wrong.
    You seemed to spend way more energy on the cover than on the content.
    There is way too much representation of yourself. But i was OK, thinking that a bit of “too much ego” was not an issue, because any effort for bio-conservation is always good.

    But now, this… Really mean a lot to me.
    You are getting way too far from the objectives, from what must be worked on.
    I don’t see how fitt program could have any beneficial impact on climate change, CO2 emissions, wildLife lands fragmentation, world population increase => Food needs increase => wildlife lands disappearing…. Well all the issue you must already know of !!!

    And when i read this, i really believe that all this is bullshit, trying to make your “brittfit” legit.
    How can you affirm such things, after travelling, meeting involved people, putting all their energy, dedicating their life for Wildlife :

    “”I firmly believe that when we sacrifice the one thing we truly own – our bodies – we also negatively interfere with our abilities to have compassion for the world we live in. Often, this may be on a small scale (or sometimes big), but nonetheless – we are not becoming the best stewards of our planet that we could.””

    People sacrifying their own life and health for Life preservation… “loose” their compassion !?

    Nice try.

    Be more serious. 6th species declined started, you can’t say to people : Ok, let’s do Fitness to suceed !


    1. Hello Florent,

      Thank you for taking the time to so diligently look at my website and consider the impact of my “objectives” as you call them.

      There are just a few things I have to say in response and hope that they encourage you to open up your perspective towards effective methods of engaging the public with wildlife conservation…

      As one scientist’s research paper on methods to enhance science to public communication states, “if we do not find innovative methods to increase the general public’s interest and engagement with conservation science, our work as conservationists will never reach its full impact.”

      … And yes, I know quite a bit about all of the issues you so kindly state I must “already know of,” but thanks for sharing anyway.

      At the risk of impressing too much of my “ego” as you also say – I won’t begin to tell you about the extent of my education and conservation experiences; as it sounds like within your limited thinking you might not consider them “legit” anyway.

      I believe you missed the point of BrittFit entirely. You are also clearly unaware that through fitness, I have introduced my clients to conservation knowledge they would not otherwise have. Additionally, the purchasers/supporters of Brittfit and those I train have together raised thousands of dollars of which I donate to organizations like the International Poaching Foundation (IAPF). In case you are unaware, the IAPF is on the frontlines is anti poaching efforts – fighting poachers and uplifting communities in Southern Africa through their efforts and bottom up conservation methods.

      In fact, Damien Mander (I am sure you are aware of who this individual is since you are so well versed in the conservation world) invited me himself to a recent IAPF fundraiser gala – because of BrittFit.

      So, please due tell me once more how fitness isn’t helping wildlife and conservation efforts?

      In case you still aren’t sure – it is because of my network of fitness friends and family that I was able to raise enough money to get myself to Somerset, South Africa to work with the Cheetah Outreach. While there, I used qualitative research methods to help the organization better understand how to engage with the general public to increase conservation knowledge.

      If you would like to see the results – maybe you should check out the final research paper – or ask the Cheetah Outreach for yourself how my role in fitness allowed me to help them with valuable unpaid research.

      Because had I not engaged with those in the “fitness world” I would not have had the funds necessary to take direct action for conservation.

      In case you didn’t know – those who have the greatest potential to help enact the changes needed in the world of wildlife conservation are often unaware of what they can do, what is going on, or why they should care.

      Through BrittFit – I am privileged to have the opportunity to engage with an audience outside of those already knowledgeable in conservation – and to share with them the needs wildlife are facing around the world.

      What I have also found is that when we take care of our bodies, we feel better about ourselves – which in turn reflects our actions and views towards the world around us. What was meant by BrittFit is a holistic approach to wildlife conservation that goes outside of the common methods of outreach and engagement. One that enacts change from within to reflect change in the world around.

      Let me ask you, do you consider your health important? Furthermore, would you be able to apply yourself to conservation work the best you could if you were sick or facing health problems? Have you ever pushed yourself through a great workout – one that leaves you feeling inspired and motivated in other areas of your life?

      I will assume – based on your comments – and “WTF” attitude that you have not.

      Fortunately, I have both the education in conservation and fitness/nutrition to not only help wildlife, but to do so in a passionate way that crosses boundaries and has the potential to raise funds, increase awareness, and inspire both people and conservation organizations.

      So Florent, you are wrong. But that is okay because the point of Why Should You Care and BrittFit is to help others understand more about themselves and the world around them.

      I would encourage you to open up your thinking and consider that there are other ways to bring conservation to the general public – which is what is needed.

      BrittFit absolutely has the potential to not only raise funds for such organizations, but to provide first level contact with people who would not otherwise consider what conservation means to them.

      You cannot tell me as a conservationist (if that is what you are), that there is any wrong way to help in the global fight for wildlife protection. In fact, I am sure you would agree as you so clearly shared in your reply, “any effort for bioconservation is always good.”

      So, I’m sorry that your limited views have created such a negative perception of the potential for combining more than one skill and passion to benefit wildlife.

      It is opinions like yours that are sadly limiting the full impact we each can bring to the world of conservation using the skills and gifts we have already been given.

      Fitness does, has, and will continue to raise funds, awareness, and provide myself as a conservationist the resources and network necessary to continue the conservation Outreach I believe in.

      So maybe next tine before you call someone’s efforts “bullshit” – you should take a look at yourself. What are you doing for conservation?

      I would love to hear how you have you gone out of your way to truly tackle the issue of a lack of public engagement with conservation science.

      Lastly, if you’re ever interested in purchasing a BrittFit package – I will make sure the funds from your purchase go directly towards the wildlife organization of your choice. And I’ll work hard to make sure it also improves your own well being as a contributing member of this planet’s wellness.

      I don’t know who you are, or what you do, but if it’s anything revolves around bettering wildlife – I’m proud of you – and hope that you continue. Together, we each can bring something to the table that no one else can to combat wildlife conservations from all sides.

      My goal is to get the public involved as so many biologists state is necessary – and BrittFit is a source to do just that. Using the means that I have to do the best that I can.

      I’m sure you can at least relate to that.

      Keep it up,


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