When I Get up There

I can’t wait to ask God all about what he was thinking as he planned creation. Because every time I look outside, interact with wildlife, or think of the vastness and variety of life on this planet – I can’t help but feel amazed.

We go about our busy days, focused on what needs to get done, fleeting emotions, or worries of the future… And yet all around us are living miracles. From the trees and plants with unique features allowing water to move upwards despite gravity pulling their roots downwards. To the continents, slowly moving due to incredible amounts of heat circulating in the ground right underneath our feet. And of course, the beautiful wildlife who coexist and manage so easily within their different habitats.

I wonder what he was thinking when he decided to give snails a speed limit. Or when he decided the cheetah would be the fastest land mammal on earth – reaching speeds up to 75mph as they dart through the savannah. Oh, and I can’t wait to ask him about all the colors on the spectrum that we can’t see, but certain insects like bees and butterflies can. Can you imagine how beautiful and vibrant those colors must be – drawing them each day to the flowering plants that we casually pass by?

What about earthquakes, God? I wonder if the tremendous shaking is perhaps ever a reflection of your emotion… Or if a day will come when we can detect them with more than a 10 second warning time. Along with this, I wonder if you chuckle sometimes at our efforts to understand, control, and mimic your creation. I can’t wait to ask you what you think about our advances in technologies and medicine. Are we becoming better stewards of the resources you have provided us with – or do we need to retake the class on our place in your creation?

What do you think in your limitless knowledge and grace when you see needless trophy hunting and poaching taking place? Do you cry like I do when I think about the purely instinctive animals you have made suffering for our reckless and ignorant behaviour? Do you feel anger like I do when you see animals – wild and domestic – treated as test subjects so that we can have our favorite color of lipstick or household cleaner? Do you want to scream when you see a landfill and the endless amounts of trash it contains literally being pressed and packed deep down into your Earth? Because I do.

But what I can’t wait to ask you the most about is how despite all our short comings – you have managed to continue extending us your grace. How do you manage to keep the balance in your creation despite our interfering? And what I can’t comprehend is that as much as I love your creation, you love me even more. That as much as I want to grab some people and shake them for their actions, you would stand in front of them to protect them, realizing some may know not what they do. It’s incredible. But God, for those that do know and yet still choose to bring suffering to your creation – I pray that you powerfully intervene in spite of their actions.

When I get to heaven, one of the first things I plan to do is walk with Jesus through the Red Woods of Paradise and ask him all about his choices and designs in nature. How joyful did he feel when he thought of snow leopards running freely through the Himalayas – when he gave spiders the gift of spinnerets to design their unique homes – and when he gave pigs the brains to be considered the fifth most intelligent animal in the world. And why did he choose to seal our Earth with an atmosphere unlike any other currently discovered in the universe? How did you know exactly what atoms, gases, and nutrients to combine so that we can simply breathe and have the gift of oxygen ever day?

What I have realized on Earth is that God truly is the greatest chemist, biologist, environmentalist, and artist that has ever lived. I am in awe of all he has done. And I trust that despite the scary changes taking place across this planet – he loves us enough to bring wisdom to those who need revelation – and bravery to those who he calls to action.

And Jesus, I hope your ready for a long backpacking trip when I get up there – because you created in me a very curious and passionate mind that is in need of some answers!



4 Comments on “When I Get up There

  1. Isn’t God, our Father so very wonderful? We all sin, possibly everyday, not knowing we have sinned! And the most wonderful thing he does if forgiving us if we pray and ask him. One phenomenon I’m amazed at is how a tornado forms and spins so violently! I’ve never seen one with my own eyes and hope I will some day, that is as long as it’s miles away! Yes, God is so very special in our lives. I love him so much!



    • YES YES YES! I couldn’t agree more Uncle Neal 🙂 thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are so important and so valuable! It would be so crazy to see a tornado first-hand. you are right – I would want to be miles away as well! GOD IS SO GOOD.
      Love you!


  2. AMEN!
    Your mom hooked me up with this website today after visiting my mother who is in Hospice care (Doris).
    I fully support you in your profound thoughts and mission.


    • Hi Justine! I am sorry for just seeing this! I am so glad my mom introduced you to my site. I hope that you enjoy what I have to say. Thank you for also advocating for similar missions! We all need to do what we can 🙂


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