2020: A student’s perspective

It’s no secret that March of 2020 changed everything. More specifically, the day was March 13th when I truly realized the growing impact that Covid was having around the world. I remember arriving at Vanguard to teach my usual Thursday lecture, only to find around 9 or 10 students would come to class that day. On any other day, there were around 25 students who would attend this lecture. However, today was the day that everything would change. And little did I know, that it would be the last day for over a year that I would teach within a classroom.

One of the students that did bravely choose come to class that particular day was Joshua Finlayson. Josh was a senior at the time, with graduation and all the other excitement ahead that comes from finishing 4 years of hard work. However, little did we all know that graduation was about to take on a whole new look for Josh and seniors around the world.

Now (14 months later), I thought it would be interesting to check in with Josh; to hear his unique perspective on March 2020, to discover what the world has taught him since, and to just share some much needed laughs.

I love learning from students and individuals like Josh who refuse to let hardships dull their pursuits and spirits. And as Josh shares in the podcast above, sometimes you have to be okay with counting the beans while waiting for what’s next.

I hope you enjoy listening! A big thank you to Josh – for encouraging others with your own story and for keeping your head in the game.

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