Some thoughts on shoes.

Putting the shoes on and then walking in them are two very different things. And in a world where a million different opinions and perspectives tell us what our shoes should feel like, how they should look, when we should wear them, and for how long… Finding the right fit becomes even more complicated.

For some of us, we are wearing shoes that we have outgrown. Yet, we feel some obligation to continue forcing our tired feet into them. Maybe we don’t even realize or consider that there might be another pair more suited for our current interest and strengths – just waiting for us to try on. For others, we are comfortably walking in the same pair, but longing simultaneously for an updated pair of laces or perhaps a new insert to balance out the old.

Either way, it’s important that we recognize the freedom and the opportunity we have to change shoes when the time comes to do so. And yet, where does the desire and obligation to cling to an old pair come from? I don’t fully know. Perhaps it’s engrained at a young age, discovered during a traumatic time in life, or because we simply don’t understand and accept the depth of who we each are.

When changing shoes, it can be both freeing and frustrating to try on different fits. The first – because it’s exciting and something new. The latter – because it requires us to let go of what we have held onto for so long. We may almost feel guilty for making the transition.

However, we must learn to grow into our own shoes and not to allow them to grow into us.

So, for those might be struggling to find the right fit – or for those might be questioning the shoes they have been wearing for some time; it is okay to acknowledge and entertain the idea of change. The world was spinning before you and it will keep spinning after. Have some fun and give yourself a new track to run on. The look of your shoe should not dictate your boundaries in life or the course you subconsciously tie yourself to. Realizing this, it might be worth asking yourself why you are choosing the current color, size, fit, and style of shoe that you are.

Personally, I have entertained the thought that it just might be more fun to walk barefoot allowing the earth to decorate my feet instead. The earth is warm, loving, honest, and is always with me. The roads I choose to travel amidst it’s lands will provide the greatest insoles and support of my own design. There is no judgement, no obligation; simply gravity holding me down and my humanness moving me forward.

In the end, perhaps we should not worry so much about what the next pair might look like, but rather on stepping out of the pair that no longer fits us. And being excited for our feet to touch the earth in the process.

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