Spartan North American Championships and Soldiers for Wildlife

The past few months have been extremely busy to say the least. Teaching, training, being a wife, volunteering with non-profits and so much more have kept me on my toes! However, one of the most intensive parts of the past months has been my Spartan training schedule.

In July of earlier this year, I was blessed to place first in the Angels Stadium Spartan race. (I had a lot of stress to let out which helped keep the legs moving!) Placing high enough in this race allowed me to qualify for the North American Championships held in North Lake Tahoe. Having been through quite the year, I set my goal to focus and train so that I could make it to the championships. Now that it is just 3 days away – I have to say I feel so ready, but quite nervous.

However, what is probably my favorite part is that I have been working diligently with Soldiers for Wildlife over the past month to raise funds for their continued anti-poaching work in various regions of Africa. After winning at Angels, I knew I wanted to sweat to protect a conservation cause and Soldiers for Wildlife was eager to jump on board!

I have had several conversations with the founder, John Garcia, and recently shared an extremely thought-provoking podcast where we discuss all things conservation. John is an incredible human, a former member of the US military, and more than passionate about the conservation of African wildlife. Our conversation is probably one of my favorites yet. (I encourage you to listen by visiting the Why Should You Care podcast on Spotify or by clicking play above!)

We have set the goal of raising up to $5,000.00 to help Soldiers for Wildlife acquire a new anti-poaching german short haired pointer named, Ocho. Ocho is currently receiving highly specialized training in the US, but will be heading out to Africa in January to join the ranks if all goes well!

Ocho posing!

I am honored and excited to be dedicating my Spartan race to Ocho, to Soldiers for Wildlife, and towards anti-poaching efforts. Truly, this is what matters most.

So tomorrow, I will be heading out with my mom and dad on the road to Tahoe! If you would like to visit the GoFundMe page – please do so by clicking here. On the page you can learn all about the fundraiser and more about the cause! There is even a special video explaining everything you might want to know. Thank you in advance for your continued support and I will be back with more posts about additional exciting WSYC updates once I return. (If you don’t already – follow me on Instagram where all the action happens @brittneirae.)

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