Update: Animals In Ukraine

Yesterday, I received a WhatsApp message from Olga Chevganiuk – the cofounder of UAnimals. We were able to jump on a video call quick despite the time change to talk, cry, and to try and plan for how to continue helping animals on the ground in Ukraine. Through tears, Olga shared with me about a recent shelter in Bordoianka where over 400 dogs had been unfairly left behind and trapped in their kennels. Borodianka was overrun by Russians in the past weeks (which is why the shelter was left behind).

However, as Olga shared and I agreed – at minimum those at the shelter should have opened the enclosures so the dogs could have had their best chances at survival possible – given the life and death situation everyone was in. Since March 4th, these animals were left without food, water, and care. Volunteers just a few days ago were finally able to get back into Borodianka and to the shelter. As the images in the second video below show – the scene was straight from hell. 150 animals were able to be saved – 27 of which are in critical condition. The remaining 335 dogs were already did or did not make it on their way to help.

I share this update not to spread sad news, but to share the reality of what all people and animals are facing in Ukraine. And the evil and death that the Russians continue to spread. I believe it is important we are aware of the depth of what is going on in hopes that we might have compassion and join the fight in whatever way we can.

I spoke more with Olga and learned that UAnimals is doing their best to get volunteers to shelters in cities that are not yet overrun by Russians – in order to proactively help other organizations get their animals out. But in war conditions that are constantly changing, with transportation increasingly challenging, and the number of homeless animals increasing – this is not easy. She also shared among other resources that they need a special kind of dog food to give to animals who are starved and dehydrated. One that is easy to digest until they are able to recover enough to eat normal food.

We can help UAnimals and the organizations/volunteers they support to continue their life saving work – or at a minimum to not let animals starve alone when provided with the right resources. Please spread this message and help by visiting the GoFundMe link (www.gofundme.com/sweattoprotectukraine) and join our Sweat to Protect Ukraine Animals campaign.

There is still time. And these animals deserve our best efforts from all around the world. We have already passed our fundraising goal, but that should not stop us from showing them as much support as we can over the next 2 weeks of the campaign.

Below are two videos:

The first is a Fox 11 News feature that was recently aired on the Sweat to Protect campaign. The second is a verbal recoding of the updates described above. Please note that the second video contains EXTREMELY SENSITIVE images. If you are at all unable to bear seeing animals hurt or deceased, please use discretion.

Click the Play button on the video below – it does work.

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