About Brittnei

Brittnei Schaeffler

Professor: Environmental, Physical, and Earth Sciences

Personal trainer: Brittfit, Sweat to Protect Initiative

Content Creator: WSYC mini docs

Since a young age, it has been my passion to work in outreach and wildlife conservation. The extreme pull I feel on my heart to make a difference in the well-being of animals is indescribable. Yet, doing so has not been easy or straightforward. The issues surrounding wildlife conservation are extremely complex. They range in scale, but almost always involve governments, local communities, proper land management, and an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and biodiversity at stake.

With this understanding, I have created the Why Should You Care project in order to help individuals and organizations in their pursuit to conserve and protect animals of all kinds. The ultimate goals of WSYC are to encourage communities to get involved, to create interesting marketing content, and to educate the public about the valuable work of non-profits. All while doing so in exciting, creative, and collaborative ways.

Above all else, I hope to provide a helping hand to animal non-profits and to share my love for this planet with all who I encounter along the way.

  • MS Conservation Biology
  • BS Environmental Science & Policy
  • Nvivo Qualitative Data Analyst
  • Ecommerce Actress & Spokesperson
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Fitness Nutritionist
  • Actors Studio of Orange County: Seven Pillars Acting
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