While wildlife conservation is always the goal – I have found that I am also very passionate about helping others to be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong.

After finishing graduate school from Edinburgh Napier University, I decided I would like to spend some time pursuing my fitness passions and little did I know how far they would take me!

Pursuing my NASM certification in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition was not something I ever saw myself doing – but it has been one of the best decisions of my life. Not only do I get to help others to push themselves, increase the longevity of their lives, and learn how to enjoy working out; I also get to share wildlife conservation information with new friends and the network I have created in the fitness world! It is a win-win!

I have also found that being a personal trainer requires so much more than just knowing how to create a good workout. It is about seeing to the heart of your clients, knowing their strengths and weakness, and helping them mentally in all aspects of life. Fitness is a lot like growing in your faith. You have to work at it daily, give yourself some grace, and enjoy the journey.

Fitness, faith, and wildlife conservation. They really all are interconnected – at least in my world!

I truly believe my experiences as an athlete and in having many personal trainers has helped me to become the knowledgeable instructor that I am. So… before you consider purchasing any package on BrittFit, here is a breakdown of my experience of and knowledge in the fitness world.

  • NASM Certified Personal trainer at Axioms Fitness for 3 years
  • NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist 1+ year
  • HIIT Bootcamp instructor at Axioms Fitness  3 years and No Limit Personal Training (1 year)
  • Anaheim Ducks Power Player for 5 consecutive seasons
  • Spartan Race: qualified for Nationals during my first Spartan Sprint
  • Hosted bootcamps for the Anaheim SWAT team and various youth organizations
  • Varsity cross country runner throughout high school
  • Chapman University cheerleader and bootcamp instructor

While this is just a quick breakdown, I hope you know that I truly enjoy fitness and in making it an integral part of our well-being. We feel better, think more clearly, hustle harder, and look our best when we take care of ourselves.

Working out doesn’t have to be intimidating, overcomplicated, or stressful. Contrary to belief, getting your sweat on each day is actually quite fun, rewarding, and something to look forward to when you allow yourself the chance to enjoy the journey! That is what BrittFit is all about… I have been on a fitness journey since I was 16 years old with numerous personal trainers, competitions, and countless gym sessions. Working out has become so inherent in who I am that it really comes naturally.

Fitness is freeing. It is a form of self-progress that you have complete control over. And it can be harnessed for so much good in the world!

So thank you for your interest in BrittFit. I hope we can sweat to grow, to become better, and to protect wildlife around the world.

Now… Go get started!



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