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Hello Animals Asia team!

Firstly, I would like to say thank you for inviting me to a second interview. I am honored to be considered as a candidate for an organization carrying out such incredible and life-changing working for animals in Asia. (Congratulations on the recent rescue of Dawn, Noon, Twilight, Midnight, and Chronos!)

Perhaps what resonates so deeply with me is the mission of kindness that AnimalsAsia accomplishes its work through. I believe that treating each other with respect, meeting communities where they are at, and using empathy and knowledge as foundations for change are imperative for long-lasting impacts. While this is not always easy, I admire AnimalsAsia for making it a core component of their work.

My greatest passion has always been to rescue animals from cruel and unfair conditions; whether wild or domestic. And to educate others on how we as individuals can come together to make a difference. I am more than encouraged to see the success that AnimalsAsia has for accomplishing both of these pursuits and it would be a huge achievement to join the team.

While I believe I offer many strengths for the Influencer and PR Manager role, I also understand that I have much to learn and look forward to doing so with the help, creativity, and collaboration of the Global Communications Team.

Before our interview, I simply wanted to share a little more information about myself for your reviewal. I look forward to speaking with you more on March 1st, 2023.

Thank you,

Brittnei Schaeffler

About Brittnei

Degrees & Certifications:

MSc Conservation and Management of Protected Areas, emphasis in human-wildlife connection.

BS Environmental Science and Policy, Minor in English.

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist.

Certified in Design and Teaching for Impact.

Certified in Non Profit Fundraising Essentials and Grant Seeking Essentials by the Cornerstone Ondemand Foundation.

Current Profession/Roles: Assistant professor, animal advocate and rescuer, educational content creator.

Fun Facts: Cat mom, nationally ranked Spartan athlete, loves chips and guacamole.

*Photo: No ride elephant rescue and sanctuary in Thailand.

Strengths for this role

Influencer Management:

  • I have 7+ years experience collaborating and communicating with different influencers to achieve animal non profit fundraising goals such as: Alex Prange, Damien Mander, Blake Moynes, Katie Cleary, Elex Michaelson, and Jessica Ourisman among others.
  • I have developed strong communication skills; written, in person, and on camera.
  • I understand the importance of professionalism, brevity, and kindness when interacting with celebrities/influencers.
  • I am motivated to identify and connect with like-minded and kind influencers who support the goals of AnimalAsia.
  • I enjoy strategizing new ways to incentivize influencer and celebrity engagement with animal wellness causes.

PR Management:

  • I enjoy working on teams and with other motivated individuals to accomplish PR goals and come up with new strategies.
  • I am a creative who enjoys using Canva to create PR media content and materials.
  • I enjoy writing for website content, social media posts, and press releases.
  • I have experience hosting and leading interviews with animal rescue professionals such as Pat Craig, John Ramer, and Olga Chevganiuk.
  • I have 8+ years experience in speaking on camera to promote and share animal welfare educational messages.
  • I have 3+ years filming and editing grassroots animal related educational content to be shared by local and international non profits.
  • I have experience creating a podcast focused on animal rescue and conservation.

Examples of experience

A grassroots fundraising campaign that I designed, managed, and executed for UAnimals. This initiative required organization, coordination amongst different stakeholders, pitching to Fox 11 News, and using my resources creatively. I actively sought out and researched how to connect with the UAnimals founder during the war and was able to hold a zoom interview with her to learn more, provide legitimacy, and to share with audiences.
I was hired contractually to work for Kindness Ranch’s PR team while they assisted in the United State’s largest animal rescue mission. My role was to verbally communicate updates each week to Kindness Ranch supporters and followers. As a part of the team, my role was to write compelling scripts for a series of weekly update videos. I also filmed/edited together each video using footage sent to me directly by those on the ground. These videos were shared widely by many outlets.
After learning about the 4,000 beagles to be rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia, I knew I had to make an impactful video to help Kindness Ranch share the story with media outlets.
I was invited to visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado. A place where animals are rescued from various captive situations from around the world. While on my visit, I was able to gather footage to create a mini educational documentary the WAS used for social media and PR purposes.
At the request of Get Inspired Inc., I created this educational documentary to help support their research with endangered Pismo Clams. The video also showcases an interview with the founder.
When I got the call from Priceless Pet Rescue that over 300 rescued animals were on their way, I jumped into journalist action! This was one of the most moving experiences I have been a part of. This rescue happened very fast and unexpectedly, as many do.

I would be happy to share additional video works with you should you like to see more examples.

Copywriting Examples:

I worked with Priceless Pet Rescue to create the written and visual content used on three of their new website pages. I was able to do so by collaborating with their website designer and providing him with the proper verbiage, captions, and links to be added to the following pages:

Page 1:

Page 2:

Page 3:

Marketing Material Examples:

Marketing Video Materials:

Animal Rescue Work

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