Package 1: Custom Circuits

Need help knowing what to do in the gym? Not sure how to target specific body areas? Looking for accessible workouts to take with you to each workout? This one is for you.

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Package 2: The HIIT Traveler

Don’t have access to a gym? Live in a dorm room? Going on vacation? Traveling for work? These two packages will help you stay strong mentally and physically by challenging you with a variety of HIIT workouts while on the road. Follow along with me during your workouts to keep up your strength and drop the calories!

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Package 3: The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter is for those interested in simply having private access to the BrittFit workout video library. Choose a workout specific to your mood and interests whenever you feel like it!

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Package 4: 35 Minute HIIT Outdoors Training

Ready to take your workouts to the next level? Using my own personal workout equipment – I will train you – the BrittFit way. Let’s get outside and get moving.

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Package 5: The Fighter

The Fighter package is designed for those who are determined to attack each week with physical, mental and spiritual strength. You will get private access to a new weekly video workout and motivational emails from Brittnei along the way. Perfect to keep your workouts fresh, mindset positive, and relationship with yourself growing.

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Package 6: The BrittFit Booty

Looking to build your booty and tighten up those legs? Then this workout is great for you. A full length video of glute strengthening moves that challenges you every time. Mix it up by adding ankle weights of varying sizes as you get stronger.

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Package 7: The BrittFit 30 Day Hustle 

Looking for 30 workouts for 30 different days? This package is for you. Workouts will vary each day giving you total body strengthening and burning routines for 30 days straight. Feel free to repeat month after month and challenge yourself to push a bit harder every time! Each day is designed to give you quick and efficient workouts to start or end your busy day.


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