There is no doubt we are living in unknown and crazy times. But that shouldn’t mean you stop taking care of your physical and mental wellness! If you are looking to keep that calorie burn going all from the convenience of your own home – then BrittFit’s 2020 Services might be just what you are looking for. As a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutritionist – there is no doubt you will be in good hands when choosing from any of the selections below.

Additionally, a portion of your purchase will go directly back to the mission of WSYC through the Sweat to Protect initiative.

BrittFit Instagram Live:

  • 8 monthly workouts hosted on Instagram Live (2 per week).
  • Each workout is 35-40 minutes and varies in body area targeted.
  • All workouts remain up on @brittfit_live for viewing flexibility.
  • Exclusive membership to @brittfit_live Instagram for additional encouragement.


$48.00 per month ($6.00 per workout)

*Payment accepted through Venmo (@brittneirae) and check. No strings attached cancellation option at the end of each month.

BrittFit Orange County “In Home” Training:

  • 50 minute custom HIIT based workouts coached at your own home.
  • The workout comes to you! No commute to a gym or membership required.
  • Flexible training times.
  • All equipment provided (However, please bring your own clean yoga mat).
  • Servicing the Villa Park, Orange, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim Hills area.
    • The cleanliness and health of all participants will be top priority. Equipment and hands will be sanitized before and after each session with physical distance maintained throughout the duration of coaching.


One person:

4 session package – $320.00 ($80.00 per session)

8 session package – $560.00 ($70.00 per session)

Two people (*split the cost with each other!):

4 sessions – $376.00 ($95.00 per session)

8 sessions – $680.00 ($85.00 per session)

* Sessions will be scheduled in advance with respect to both Brittnei’s and client’s availability. 24 hours notice is kindly asked for any reschedules.

*Payment accepted through Venmo (@brittneirae) and check.

Client Testimonials:

“Since the start of the workouts, I have been losing weight, but now I can also see that I am gaining muscle in my arms and my legs are stronger. I can even see my love handles going away.” – Ciera Thomson

“Seriously, my body has changed in the few months since I started working out with you.” – Brooke Rahmanan

“Yesterday’s workout kicked my ass! Thank you for doing these.” – Austin Mater

“It was an amazing workout. I haven’t sweated that much in a while. I really like that you call out our names – it makes us feel super included, known, and welcome.” – Robin Nguyen

“It’s a great feeling after your workouts. Thank you for inspiring me.” – Paul Podsadecki

“I am so excited that you are doing another month of BrittFit. I have even lost 5lbs since starting I started training last month with you!” – Stevie Harlow

“Thank you for the awesome training session today. Although exhausted, I feel so empowered! You’re the best!” – Debbie Heinze

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