Speaking, hosting, modeling, fitness, advocacy.

My name is Brittnei Schaeffler and I aspire to host, narrate and act in exciting animal, news, outdoors, and educational productions. Additionally, I enjoy collaborating with fitness and tactical focused companies such as 5.11 Tactical and Off Grid Magazine. I am a nationally ranked Spartan athlete and Hyrox doubles champion, a university professor, and a Red List animal rescuer.

Ultimately, I believe that I have the skills, education, experience, drive, and passion necessary to equip me for exciting on-camera, “on the field”, and animal advocacy roles.



Most currently, I am the host of an up-and-coming local TV series called, Pawz TV. Additionally I have an extensive resume working as an ecommerce spokesperson/actress for various health, wellness, fitness, skin care, and clothing businesses. I frequently work in-studio with independent production companies like, EcomVids and also create independent educational videos for non profits such as those listed and shown below.


Through my Why Should You Care project, I have collaborated with many non profits such as the International Anti Poaching Foundation, Rhino Horn Coffee, the Wildlife Waystation, and many more. The goal is always to create and narrate unique and compelling educational videos/mini documentaries to highlight the work of such organizations. I also rescue dogs from shelters who have been placed on the red list.

Additionally, as an NASM certified personal trainer, my BrittFit supporters and I Sweat to Protect in the name of different conservation and animal wellness organizations. I am a sponsored Spartan athlete and regularly compete in races to continue raising organizational awareness.


Since the age of 16 I have loved to model and work in front of the camera. However, it wasn’t until I was older that I realized the exact direction I wanted to go. Which is a combination of modeling + on camera speaking to help educate others, inspire awareness, and pursue greater aspirations.


With my Masters of Science in Conservation Biology and Bachelors in Environmental Policy, I am currently a full time professor of earth and environmental sciences in Southern California. I have also served on the board of a human education group, Friends of Long Beach Animals. I absolutely love speaking, educating, and inspiring others to care about this planet and others by believing in the power we as individuals carry.

Whether speaking candidly or in front of a teleprompter, getting the word out and engaging with communities is always exciting for me.

If you would like to work on a project together, please email me at brittwhyshouldyoucare@gmail.com.

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Organizations worked with:

  • UAnimals, Ukraine
  • Soldiers for Wildlife, Africa
  • Friends of Long Beach Animals, Long Beach
  • Wild Animal Sanctuary, Colorado
  • Priceless Pets Rescue, Southern California
  • Rhino Horn Coffee, Africa
  • Wildlife Waystation, Calabasas
  • Kindness Ranch Sanctuary, Wyoming
  • BeProfound, Los Angeles
  • International Anti Poaching Foundation, Africa
  • Pawz TV, Long Beach
  • West Yost, Southern California
  • Ghana Surf School at Kokrobite Beach, Ghana
  • Cheetah Outreach, South Africa
  • East Valley Animal Shelter, Los Angeles



Examples of races competed in:

  • Spartan Hawaii
  • Spartan National Championships Lake Tahoe
  • Spartan LaBec
  • Spartan Big Bear
  • Spartan Angels Stadium
  • Spartan San Bernardino
  • Spartan Prado Dam
  • Spartan SoCal
  • Deka Mile
  • Deka Fit
  • Hyrox Doubles


  • 5.11 Tactical
  • Acid Rain Water
  • Soldiers for Wildlife

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