Since a young age, it has been my passion to work in outreach and wildlife conservation. The extreme pull I feel on my heart to make a difference in the well-being of wildlife is indescribable. Yet, doing so has not been easy or straightforward. The issues surrounding wildlife conservation are extremely complex. They range in scale, but almost always involve governments, local communities, proper land management, and an in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and biodiversity at stake.

With my Masters in Conservation Biology and Bachelors in Environmental Science and Policy, I have created a small project called, Why Should You Care (WSYC). The goal of this project is to enhance the communication of conservation information, create marketing content for non-profits, and to help wildlife organizations better reach their educational goals. WSYC can accomplish this through qualitative research, content creation, and by creatively partnering with other like-minded individuals.

Additionally, I am a professor of environmental and physical sciences at Vanguard University. I am continually grateful for the opportunity to share my knowledge and love for this planet with future generations. I strive to do so by encouraging curiosity and awareness among students as well as an increased appreciation for biodiversity.

Lastly, with my National Academy of Sports Medicine certification in Personal Training, I also manage my own wellness business called, BrittFit. This business brings together conservation and fitness in a unique way. Through “Sweat to Protect” fitness packages, I am able to help others achieve healthier lives while also financially giving back to wildlife conservation. I firmly that there is something to be said for having a strong body, clear mind, and an endorphin filled life. Living in such a way can also foster a greater appreciation for the natural resources and health that the world around us provides.

Ultimately, I simply love being able to help people and animals better coexist; through education, healthy living, and conservation engagement when possible.

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