About Brittnei

There is a lot to tell, but I will keep it simple for now.

It has been my passion since I was a young girl to work in outreach and wildlife conservation. The extreme pull I feel on my heart to make a difference in the well-being of wildlife is indescribable. Yet, doing so has not always been easy nor straightforward. Wildlife conservation is extremely complex and must take into account many different factors to put it briefly. And as the years pass, I continue to learn that not everyone is going to care as much as I wish they would.

It is just the truth.

But, that does not mean that we should stop working for what we believe in. No matter what seems to get in the way or how many odds seem to be against us. Realizing this I have decided I am going to combine all that I love, all that I know, and all that I have achieved to make a difference in the lives of both people and wildlife.

With my Masters in Conservation Biology and Bachelors in Environmental Science and Policy – I have created Why Should You Care. To enhance the communication of scientific information between conservation organizations and you! I do this through research, documentary creation, and partnering with other like-minded wildlife enthusiasts.

With my National Academy of Sports Medicine certification in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition – I have created BrittFit. To provide people with the fitness and nutritional help they need to reach their goals and support wildlife conservation while doing so. (To learn more about my experience in fitness, click here.)

You see, BrittFit raises the funds necessary to carry out the research of Why Should You Care while also donating to outside conservation organizations. Members of BrittFit are literally sweating to protect wildlife! It’s the best of both worlds. Additionally, I firmly that there is something to be said for a strong body, clear mind, and endorphin filled life. Living in such a way truly brings out the best in us and in our ability to interact with and see the world around us.

Lastly, with my passion for on camera work – I strive to create, inspire, and share hope with the rest of the word.┬áIt’s about seeing the inherent value in all that surrounds us -and embracing that we are as powerful as we believe ourselves to be.

Stop looking at the person next to you, the latest trend, or what you wish you could be – and start doing.

Let’s help each other, help wildlife, and have some fun in the process.



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