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Power and Peace

Power is not making noise, living in fear, playing the victim, or seeking attention. Power lies in wisdom, perseverance, self-awareness, and strategic use of our gifts and energy.

When I Get up There

I can’t wait to ask God all about what he was thinking as he planned creation. Because every time I look outside, interact with wildlife, or think of the vastness and variety of life on this planet – I can’t help but feel amazed.… Continue Reading “When I Get up There”

Professor Miller

If you would have told me a few years back that I would be a college professor, I probably would have laughed and thought you were insane. The thought of public speaking in front of 30 different students for around 8 hours each week… Continue Reading “Professor Miller”

BrittFit Beach Clean Up & Bootcamp

Sweat to Protect

Rhino Lovin’

As a conservationist, I believe it is important that we take the time to learn about the experiences, passions, and interests of others regarding wildlife. In this way, we will be better able to open our perspectives on what experiences or events can trigger… Continue Reading “Rhino Lovin’”

The Battle With Balloons

When you think of a balloon, what comes to mind? If you are like most, perhaps you think of a birthday gathering, graduation ceremony, or another exciting celebratory event. As a child, I used to look forward to coming downstairs on my birthday to… Continue Reading “The Battle With Balloons”

International Day of Women in Science

Today is International Day of Women in Science A day set aside by the United Nations Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs, UNESCO, and the Royal Academy of Science International (RASIT), among others to celebrate women in science. As a female conservation scientist, I… Continue Reading “International Day of Women in Science”