If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.”

– John Cleese

Creative Consulting

Have a lot to get done, but not sure where to start? Need a combination of content creation, fundraising, or help with an upcoming event?

Sometimes the challenge is simply understanding how to bring the pieces of an idea together. However, I have no doubt after hearing your goals, overall focus, and needs – we can do just that.

Whether you need professional videos made, voice overs, website design, writing, photography, fundraising or a combination of all of the above – I am excited to help you make a plan to succeed.

The best place to start is always with a free consultation. During this time we will get to know each other more, share ideas, and ultimately I will be able to better come up with a plan of what role I can play to help you reach your goals.

Consider WSYC to be the helping hand your nonprofit or small business needs when times are busy, volunteers or staff are running low, and you just need someone to help get the job done and the word out.

Projects can be coordinated and executed both online and/or in person depending on needs. Pricing is unique to each project.

Examples of work done within this service:

  • Creating a combination of location manager video spotlights for Priceless Pet shelter locations to increase community engagement.
  • Coordinating independently with an organization’s previously selected website designer to provide updated visual, audio, and written content.
  • Hosting a collaborative fundraiser bootcamp that raised over 5k and spanned 3 different counties.
  • Combining knowledge and resources with Foster 2 Forever to start a viral social media campaign to get a German shephard out of a shelter, off the red list, and to a new life in Wyoming.


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