Working out on your own and need some extra help knowing what to do? Want to target specific areas of your body, but not sure how? Wish you had a trainer, but are too busy or it’s too expensive?

No fear, BrittFit is here.

Email me and I will create a unique set of 3 to 9 different workout videos specific to your body area of choice. I will then send you direct access to the workout videos so that you can do them whenever you feel like! In addition to the videos, you will also receive a PDF breakdown of the moves, reps, and trainer tips to perform them correctly.

You can access the videos and/or PDFs on your phone – perfect for taking with you during your next gym session.

So what are you waiting for?

Email me directly ( letting me know you what specific area of the body you would like to improve. Once we discuss, I will then send you a link to make your purchase.


  • Set of 3 unique videos  – $35.00
    • ($11.60 per workout with pdf)
  • Set of 6 unique videos – $45.00
    • ($7.50 per workout with pdf)
  • Set of 9 unique videos – $55.00
    • ($6.10 per workout with pdf)

Here is just one example of what a workout could look like…

This video doesn’t exist

Here is an example of what a PDF of a workout may look like…

Workout Rubric Example


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