Educational Outreach and content Creation

Education has the power to change hearts, minds, attitudes, and ultimately the way we view and interact with the world around us. It also has the power to bring awareness to the needs of animals, the environments or the shelters they call home, and the organizations working to support them.

Frost Fund seeks to create its own educational content while also collaborating with local and international animal non profits to share educational outreach initiatives. The goals of such content range from educating viewers on responsible animal care, increasing funding for a specific cause, sharing updates about current animal projects, and more.

There are two ways Frost Fund accomplishes educational content creation:

  1. Collaborations – These include content creation requested specifically by an outside non profit desiring the creativity and voice of Frost Fund to share specific educational messages.
  2. Independently – These include Frost Fund self-initiated educational campaigns to be shared on specific platforms and/or by animal organizations such as veterinary offices, shelters, rescues, and additional partnerships.

Educational Content Portfolio

If you would like to have Frost Fund assist you in the planning and creation of educational content, please reach out.

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