The Frost Fund Story.

In 2015, Frost Fund started as a voluntary outreach project called, Why Should You Care. After a devastating life-changing event occurred in January of 2023, Frost Fund 501(c)(3) was created; born from the foundations of 8 years experience in animal advocacy, grassroots fundraising, and educational content creation.

Now, the Frost Fund goal is simple: To provide hope and resources to animals and the people advocating for them through education, rescue, and support. This goal is continually moved towards through educational content creation, animal rescue, and by collaborating with like-minded non profits in doing the same.

While an emphasis is placed on domestic animals, Frost Fund continues to support local and international wildlife organizations as well.

How Does Frost Fund Help Animals?

Through Education

Education makes understanding options for responsible pet ownership possible, increases awareness of ongoing animal welfare challenges, and spreads important messages from rescue, veterinary, and other non profit organizations.

Through Rescuing

Advocating for shelter animals can save lives, bring together people and animals, and help to shed light on the overcrowding crisis in shelters across America. This is the goal of the Red List Rescue advocacy team.

Through Support

Providing support to rescues, veterinary groups, conservation organizations, and local shelters can increase morale, funding, engagement, and ultimately share a helping hand when times are tough.

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How are donations used?

Funding for education:

One of the goals of Frost Fund is to create professional educational content that can be used and shared by animal groups; including shelters, veterinary offices, rescue organizations, and conservation groups. Doing so will require financial resources to pay for professional video filming, editing, guest speaker time, marketing, and additional costs.

To date, Frost Fund has created over 30 cost friendly professional educational materials for numerous non profits. New pursuits include creating a series of educational videos for select veterinary offices to share with clients promoting the importance of pet insurance and an awareness of basic animal care needs.

Funding for rescue:

Many times, financial assistance is needed to successfully pull animals from shelters. Whether in the form of veterinary services, rescue group assistance, or possible transportation costs to not so near adopters or fosters. Each rescue mission is unique and may require different financial resources throughout the process.

For example, one recent mission required hundreds of dollars to safely transport a rescued dog from California to Wyoming and another from California to Montana. Many times, rescued shelter animals require additional vet support for spay and neutering, blood testing, dental assistance, and in some cases – emergency services.

Funding for support:

Creating collaborative events with other like-minded non profits is a great way to promote community outreach, increase funding, and provide first-hand educational opportunities. However, this requires time, planning, additional help, and promotion. All of which require funding to make each supportive initiative meaningful to all parties involved.

Funds are needed to pay for a variety of supporting services such as marketing, additional workers, event reservations, raffle prizes, and more. Recent Sweat to Protect collaborations have required funds for event giveaways, appetizers, raffle prizes, participation incentives, fitness gear, and other costs. Growing the impact and effectiveness of future collaborations will largely be dependent on available funds and resources.

If you have made a donation of any size or are considering doing so, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I take very seriously the donations made to Frost Fund and will ensure they go to their best possible use in serving animals.”

– Brittnei Schaeffler, Frost Fund CEO

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