How WSYC Research Works and Why

WSYC – In the Field


  • To use social research based on the Theory of Change Metrics to provide conservation organizations with increased opportunities to effectively communicate their messages with audiences.
  • To provide a more comprehensive understanding of how current methods of communication are impacting audiences.
  • To identify potential methods to further engage with donors and potentially receive increased funding.
  • When applicable, to ensure that ambassador animals in captivity are making their strongest educational impact on the public.
  • To provide a final video documentary video showcasing the research process and results. This video can be used as a wonderful addition to any organization’s marketing tactic website design, or other promotional material.


  • I will strategically create a short and specific free-response questionnaire (based on the proven Theory of Change Metrics) for target audiences responses.
  • Using qualitative coding data analysis of responses, I will then create a brief report that will identify, document, and propose new methods to increase target audience engagement with the mission of your organization. (Click here to see an example of such a report.)
  • My videographer and I will create a visually compelling and informative film using footage taken during data collection, analysis, and including final results. Footage will include the work of the conservation organization, interaction with the public, and/or any other clips deemed valuable to the mission. (Click here to see an example documentary video from the Cheetah Outreach.)

Why am I doing this?

Because, I feel absolutely compelled to. I believe in the importance of spreading wildlife conservation education worldwide. I believe that more people should understand the purpose of conservation organizations – outside of just getting to see and/or interact with ambassador animals. And I believe that those running wildlife conservation organizations deserve a deeper look into how their actions are truly captivating and educating audiences.

It is no doubt that many of our world’s conservation and human-wildlife related conflicts can be further mitigated for by taking even a small amount of time to connect with others outside of the conservation world.

Additionally, I know the struggle of what it takes to follow a dream and the journey such a dream takes you on. I feel that we all have a dream within us that is more than worth pursuing and that we must encourage each other towards.

This is why I have created Why Should You Care – to provide organizations with a more comprehensive understanding of how to connect with target audiences; and to inspire others to chase their dreams with raw tenacity.

In sum, if you feel that your organization can benefit from the research of Why Should You Care – please do contact me.


“While a scientific discovery might be considered a biological achievement in one aspect, it may just as well be considered a social failure in another if not appreciated and understood by the public” (2011 journal of Ocean and Coastal Management).

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