Ready to get your butt kicked? This workout is different than most. It will be roughly 35-40 minutes total in length and will require all of your energy. My plan is to get you a workout quickly and efficiently so that you can go on with your busy day. (And enjoy a bit of fresh air in the process!)

What you can expect:

  • A high intensity 30 minute HIIT workout with a 5 minute warm up/cool down at a local park.
  • All of the equipment will be provided.
  • A break from your busy day that gets you outside and doesn’t require a gym.
  • A whole lot of sweat and fun.
  • Time well spent that will help increase your mental and physical strength.

Each session will be scheduled in advance via a phone call. BEFORE ANY PURCHASE IS MADE – it is important that we determine if our schedules are compatible For this reason, please EMAIL ME DIRECTLY if you would like to purchase training sessions.

A la carte sessions = $50.00 each.
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A package purchase of 4 sessions = $180.00 ($45 each).
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