Sweat to Protect & Beach Clean Up

The International Anti Poaching Foundation is on the frontlines saving African wildlife from poachers and their tactics. Additionally, they employee locals within African communities and incentivize them to care for their natural surroundings.

I was able to coordinate, host, connect with raffle prize donors, and lead a successful Sweat to Protect beach bootcamp in the name of the IAPF.

Prize donations included gifts from LuLulemon, Athleta, Purify Sauna Lounge, and others. Supporters could donate in person or online and all final donations were made transparent.

Familiy members, young kids, and individuals I had never met attend the bootcamp and donated. Afterwards, we took our time cleaning up the beach before indulging in donuts.

In total, we raised over $500.00 for the IAPF.

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