854 WY-270
Hartville, WY 10100

Summary of Work

For Kindness Ranch, I was blessed to be able to donate funds through the BrittFit Sweat to Protect initiative as well as create a mini documentary sharing their work. This place is very special to me and I know will continue to positively impact the lives of animals used in research for years to come.

The ranch regularly takes in a range of animals such as cats, horses, pigs, dogs, and others who have been used in experimental and veterinary research practices. The animals have over 1,000 acres of land to roam on, plenty of food to enjoy, and lots of love provided by their caretakers.

To view the mini documentary, click here or simply press play on the video below. To learn more about the Sweat to Protect initiative, click here.

“The love for all animals is the most noble attribute of a man.”

Charles Darwin

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