Video 1 & 2

Beagle Rescues

At the request of Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary, I completed all the editing, script writing, and on-camera speaking for a 5 segment long video series documenting the nation’s largest animal rescue.

During the two month rescue, Kindness Ranch shared these stories on their social media and YouTube platforms to increase funding, public engagement, and overall social media growth.

Over the 8 weeks that these videos were shared the following statistics were obtained via Kindness Ranch:

  • Instagram: Reached +532% more accounts compared to the 3 months prior.
  • Total Instagram accounts reached: 322K.
  • Total Instagram accounts engaged: 6,911 up 80.8%.
  • Average number of Facebook pages reached: 69k.
  • One of the videos on Facebook reached over 31k people in a single post.

Video 3

Ranch Spotlight

After spending a few days at Kindness Ranch, I was able to write a compelling script and compile footage to create what would become the video featured on the front-page of their nonprofit’s website. The video was also sent to the director of the nonprofit who asked to collaborate on more educational pieces in the future due to the positive response from viewers.

Using professional audio, recording, and filming equipment – as well as with the assistance of a second shooter – the goal of this project was to creatively share the heart of Kindness Ranch.

Video 4

Adoptable Cats

To help promote the adoption of rescued cats, I edited together and added narration/copyright free music to a fun video for Kindness Ranch’s social media and supporter emails.

Video 5

Thank you

After the end of the nationwide beagle rescue mission, it was only proper to thank donors and supporters. After gathering footage on the ground, this video was edited together to speak mostly for itself.

Video 6

Vlog Visit

In need of some extra “vlog” style content, Kindness Ranch flew me to Wyoming so that I might document the journey along the way. The goal with this video was to capture a natural and authentic visit to the Ranch so that those booking stays might understand how to best get to Kindness and what to expect.

Video 7

Bramble’s Rescue

The creation of this video was self-initiated in order to share the rescue of Bramble from a kill shelter’s red list in Long Beach California. This rescue was simply one of the greatest achievements I will ever have.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4
Video 5
Video 6
Video 7

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