Content Creation

The goal is to supply you with engaging content to share on social media/website platforms summarizing the importance of the non-profit. Everything is creative and customizable!


Allow me to carry out qualitative research to investigate potential ways of increasing public engagement and support for the greater mission of your non-profit. Or, let’s create some written content to simply help spread the word!


Looking to do something fun for your non-profit and raise money in the process? Allow me to host a Sweat to Protect bootcamp where all proceeds will go directly to your mission of helping animals. 


With years of experience in on-camera speaking, modeling, and hosting, I love to get the energy up and spread conservation messages. I would love to help host an upcoming event or gathering.

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Projects and Videos

To view more WSYC mini documentaries, please view my YouTube page.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary, CO

A GFAS accredited sanctuary where animals rescued from the captive wildlife crisis can live their most free and abundant lives.

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Beagle Rescue Mission, Virginia

Over 100 beagles were rescued from a breeding facility in Virginia before being transported to Wyoming and Southern California for a chance at adoption.

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Cheetah Outreach, SA

A sanctuary which supports sustainable interaction between humans and wildlife. And home to my first WSYC research project.

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Rhino Horn Coffee, Australia

Rhino Horn Coffee, Australia

Sip coffee and stop poaching all at the same time? Count me in! It was an honor to share the amazing story of Rhino Horn Coffee and its founder.

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Wildlife Waystation, Los Angeles

In order to help the Wildlife Waystation raise some very much needed funds, I was able to host their virtual “walk a thon”. This allowed the community to get involved and get moving.

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BeProfound Event, CA

Being able to host conservation related events is one of my favorite ways to giveback and to get people pumped.

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Mission: Wolf, CO

A sanctuary where rescued wolves and wolf-dogs enjoy great care and large areas to roam.

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Felidae Conservation Fund

A leading nonprofit in the work of protection mountain lions and pumas around the world. WSYC provided some marketing help to raise funds for a new camera trap.

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Kindness Ranch, Wyoming

A place where animals used in research can rest and find their forever home. And where the public can learn about the hardships of animal testing.

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Operation Big Lift, Chino CA

One of the biggest rescue missions from animals located in a Texas kill shelter. Over 300 dogs and cats were moved to the East and West Coast in an effort to provide them with new families.

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Pawz TV, Long Beach

In the summer of 2020, I was selected to be the host of Friends of Long Beach Animals new TV show called, Pawz TV. Where all things animal wellness are discussed.

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Kokrobite Beach Superheroes, Ghana

A group of local surfers in Ghana dedicated to keeping their beaches clean and inspiring others to do the same.

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Sweat to Protect, CA

Burning calories and raising money for non-profits such as the International Anti Poaching Foundation.

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Sweat to Protect: SFW

In 2021, I competed in the Spartan National Championships to raise funds for Soldiers for Wildlife; a non profit employing anti poaching rangers in communities around Africa.

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Captivity Documentary

Animals in captivity must cope with a variety of stress induced behaviors. Being a part of an award winning documentary that highlights such truths was an honor.

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“I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message.”

Steve Irwin

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