The Why Should You Care Project

I believe one of conservation’s greatest challenges is the effective communication of scientific information with the public.

To assist in this feat, I designed a small conservation based communications project called, Why Should You Care.

What’s the Project About?
  • Using qualitative research and survey analysis to help organizations reach their public engagement goals.
  • Creating media content to help organizations spread awareness and/or to generate fundraising.
  • Taking the time to educate others about why it is important to care about wildlife.
  • Hosting fundraiser bootcamps and beach clean ups for wildlife conservation efforts.

Interested in more details about the research portion? Click here.

Recent and Past WSYC Collaborations:
  • Mission Wolf: Colorado
  • Cheetah Outreach: South Africa
  • The Elephant Pants: Thailand
  • Progression Foundation: California
  • Wildlife Waystation: California
  • International Anti Poaching Foundation: Africa
  • Felidae Conservation Fund: California
Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to help spread knowledge about the effects of captivity on wildlife. Check out the short trailer below for the Progression Foundation’s film, Captivity.

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