The Why Should You Care Project

I like to think of myself as a conservation educator and activist; whose goal is to discover new ways of enhancing science to public communication.
To do so, I have created Why Should You Care; an innovative project that takes what is already being done in conservation and amplifies its impact.
  • Using qualitative research projects and survey analysis to help organizations reach their public engagement goals
  • Through media content creation to help organizations raise awareness and/or with fundraising
  • By taking the time to educate and share with others why it is important to care about conservation
  • Through money raised at fundraiser bootcamps for wildlife conservation organizations
From on camera speaking roles, to fundraising bootcamps, and in-depth qualitative research – I use my skills, knowledge, and talents to make Why Should You Care a complete conservation education and engagement package.
Interested in more details? Check out the short video below and click here to learn more about the research portion of Why Should You Care.
Think I can help you/your organization? Send me an email!
Recent and past WSYC Collaborations/Projects:
  • Mission Wolf: Colorado
  • Cheetah Outreach: South Africa
  • The Elephant Pants: Thailand
  • Progression Foundation: California
  • Wildlife Waystation: California
  • International Anti Poaching Foundation: Africa
Check out the short trailer below for the Progression Foundation’s film, Captivity. In this film I share knowledge of how captive conditions can prompt stress induced behaviors in wildlife. 
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