Red List Rescue Successes

Although the outcome is never guaranteed, the lives saved below because of Red List Rescue efforts are worth celebrating. If you haven’t joined the team already – click below to find out more about the Red List Rescue.


Apollo was found as a stray and taken to the Long Beach Animal Care shelter. After almost 3 months of no adopter or foster showing interest – Apollo was about to be placed on the red list.

It is incredibly painful to think of a one year old dog like Apollo having his life cut extremely short under such unfair circumstance. So, the Red List Rescue team jumped into action and we were able to find him an adopter in just 2 days. Proving that when everyone does the little they can – lives can change forever.


Frank’s story starts in Idaho where he was adopted from a shelter by a loving owner. However, when his adopter suddenly had a health emergency – Frank had to be given up once again.

After spending almost 3 months in a kennel, Frank’s owner reached out to me to help him find a forever home or foster. He is such a good boy and no one wanted to see him end up back in an overcrowded shelter. Thankfully, within a week of the Red List Rescue sharing – a foster and rescue (Passion 4 Pitties) stepped up!


Tapas was brought to my attention by an amazing advocate named, Roberta. Upon learning about Tapas, he had just a week left before his euthanasia date.

We sprung into action and started networking Tapas as quickly and efficiently as possible. This effort earned him an extension on his euthanasia date giving us more time to fight for his life.

Eventually, A wonderful foster named Jacely stepped up along with Woof Project Rescue to pull him from the shelter just in time. I was there to be a part of his freedom day process and wow – was that incredible!


Bill’s story was shared with Frost Fund just 24 hours before his set euthanasia date. Immediately, the Red List Rescue team went to work advocating for him despite the odds stacked against him.

And with just 4 hours left – we were able to find him an incredible new adopting family. A member of the Red List Rescue team picked him up from the shelter and kept him overnight before transporting him to his new family in the morning.

Bills is a handsome 4 year old black lab who absolutely loves people. We are so glad this hr was able to make it off the red list.


Saved from euthenasia in November of 2022 after a 3 week long social media rescue effort by the Red List Rescue team. Marvin now lives out his life with new friends at Frosted Faces Rescue. He is still up for adoption or fostering, but is off the red list and safe with a loving rescue until then!

More on his rescue story to come.


Saved from euthenasia in April of 2022 after a 5 week long social media rescue effort by the Red List Rescue team. Bramble now lives out his life comfortably, safely, and happily in Hartville, Wyoming. He was rescued by Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary and is now training to be a K9 officer.

To view more of his rescue story click the button below.

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