The REd List REscue: Giving shelter animals a fighting chance.

The problem: Every year, around 920,000 red listed animals in US shelters are euthanized due to overcrowding, lack of adoption, and too few available fosters. Of these, it is estimated that 390,000 are dogs and 530,000 are cats (ASPCA). Animals who are currently on (or in consideration for) red lists must be adopted or fostered by a set date. Otherwise, they will be euthanized.
And while shelters generally do what they can to delay such decisions, until more fosters step up and adoptions take place, thousands of animals will continue to unnecessarily die.
The solutions: Adoption, fostering, rescue, education, and advocacy.

Regardless of your social media following, job, education, or perceived realm of influence – your advocacy can make a difference.

Join the Red List Rescue team and see how.

While the outcome is never guaranteed, there is no better feeling than successfully rescuing an animal from euthanasia.

Testimonials from two Red List Rescue team members:

Helping get Marvin – a 7 year old German Shepherd off of the red list was so incredibly rewarding. I cannot fathom the thought of animals getting killed on the daily. Brittnei is an incredible advocate for animals and is constantly pouring her heart into them – she is the type of leader that all rescue teams need! She has inspired me to start helping and getting involved with saving red listed animals. Join this team – you will never regret it!


Hearing Marvin’s story touched my heart, and I felt so heartbroken about his situation. I wanted so desperately to help, but as a college student, the most I could do was share on social media and raise awareness with help from Brittnei. I was so grateful for Brittnei’s constant updates, and so relieved to hear he was finally rescued! Brittnei’s passion is so prominent in the work she does to help inspire action & awareness. Many pets would not have access to the safety & protection they have now without Brittnei, for which I am so thankful.


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