Staff and Volunteer Wellness


On-Site or Remote Workouts

Taking care of your physical health when working in the animal nonprofit field is not easy. As a certified personal trainer and bootcamp instructor, I can come directly to your location of choice to help with this challenge.

Whether you would like to offer weekly or monthly workouts – increasing employee wellness is proven to positively impact business function. This is also a great way to create more of a team atmosphere among your organization.

Workouts can take place at a park, in a secure parking lot, at someone’s house, or anywhere else that is convenient. We can also meet online via my BrittFit Sweat to Protect personal training business. Either way, I have all the equipment and resources ready to make it happen.

Yoga and Pilates

In addition to full body workouts, I also partner with an outstanding yoga instructor to host group pilates and stretch classes. This again is another great way to take your mind off the work load and bond with volunteers and staff outside of the office.

Prayer and Scripture Groups

I regularly write and speak on scripture at community and educational events. If faith, hope, and mental inspiration are important to your staff and volunteers, this is another great way to do so while working in such a challenging field. I can create a brief motivational piece just for what you think your team needs to hear and share it after an awesome workout or pilates session.

Each project is unique and so is pricing! If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact me for a consultation and quote.


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