Professional Narration

The depth and meaning of a story can be brought to life by strategically using the right tone, emphasizing key points, and drawing listeners in. Adding personalized narration to your content is a great way to do just that. I will create a customized script based on your storytelling needs and record it using professional equipment. You can add it to a piece of your own – or I can make content for you.

Script Writing & Interviews

Whether telling a story or uncovering one through interviews, generating a meaningful conversation is my passion. Based on your needs and creative insights, I can strategically write scripts and lead interviews for podcasts, videos, or zoom meetings.

On Camera Speaking

Professional on camera speaking can bring an authentic journalistic approach to your content. It also provides a recognizable face for your audiences in time. Using professional camera, lighting, and recording equipment, I can record dynamic “hosting” videos for you to add to your own content. Alternatively, I can create an entirely new video based on your needs.

Professional Video Editing

If you have already gathered photo or video content, but aren’t sure how to bring it all together (or just don’t have the time) allow me to do so. Alternatively, I can gather the footage needed and professionally edit together while also adding approved copyright free audio.

Each project is unique and so is pricing! If you are interested in any of the above services, please contact me for a consultation and quote.


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