Supporting Each Other Means supporting the animals.

Working in the field of animal advocacy is both rewarding and exhausting. And although many of us doing so have similar goals, it can sometimes feel as if we are trying to reach them on our own.

Realizing this, Frost Fund seeks to combat compassion fatigue, increase public engagement, and support those working alongside and within animal non profits through through two unique ways:

  1. Sweat to Protect bootcamps and events – These collaborations allow new members of the public and current animal advocates to come together; building camaraderie, increasing physical/mental health, and generating funds for specific causes and organizations. As an NASM certified personal trainer and nationally ranked Spartan athlete, Brittnei Schaeffler (Frost Fund CEO), brings over 8 years of fitness experience and motivation to each and every Sweat to Protect event. Supporting each other’s work through fitness brings people together from diverse backgrounds, increases public engagement with non profit causes, and generates valuable funds.
  2. Hosting events and serving as a spokesperson – It can be challenging to find someone capable of bringing the energy, speaking well on camera or in front of crowds, and who also has a strong knowledge base in animal welfare. Fortunately, Frost Fund’s CEO is able to do all three and often helps non profits achieve their engagement goals while acting as an event host or on camera speaker. This extra professional help allows others in a non profit to focus on their strengths; whether that means managing an event, growing a website, or coming up with new engagement opportunities.

Sweat to protect events

Event hosting and spokesperson work

Speaking as the host at the Be Profound fundraising event in Redondo Beach, California.

If you would like to have Frost Fund assist you in the planning and creation of educational content, please reach out.

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