Sweat to Protect


I have combined my passions for fitness and wildlife to benefit both people and ecosystems. Through beach fundraiser bootcamps, members of the community are able to come together, sweat to protect wildlife, and do their part to clean up beach litter and pollution.

All funds raised at beach bootcamps are given directly back to a non-profit of choice – such as the Surfrider Foundation, the International Anti Poaching Foundation, and more.

Additionally, members of my private BrittFit online training program are able to workout weekly with me while a portion of their memberships also go back to animal conservation. To learn more about BrittFit and how you can join the Sweat to Protect initiative, click here.

Another BrittFit Sweat to Protect community bootcamp at Axioms Fitness.

“Anything that gets your blood going is probably worth doing.”

Hunter Thompson

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