Every success starts with someone like you.

The role of a team member:

Step 1: Red list selection

Step 2: Share information

  • As a part of the Red List Rescue team, it is your role to simply share the animal’s information given on any of your social media platforms when you can + tag friends, family, and resources that might be able to help.
  • Since all details are laid out for you on the Current Rescue Mission page and Brittnei’s Instagram – it takes no work on your end except to copy, paste, tag, and share.

Step 3: Continue the fight

  • We fight hard as an online team to find the right foster, rescue group, or adopter for the specific animal.

Step 4: Stay connected

  • Once we are able to find and connect with the right foster, rescue, or adopter the mission is complete. You will be provided updates on the status of Red List Rescue efforts via updates on @brittneirae ’s Instagram and by email once they are completed.
  1. Simply subscribe to receive rescue mission details by typing your email in the box below.
  2. Make sure to follow @brittneirae on Instagram for additional updates.
  3. When you see a Red List Rescue posting or email – take action and start sharing within your network!

While the outcome is never guaranteed, it is crucial we celebrate our victories and the lives saved.

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