The RLR Process

The process:

Step 1: Red list selection

  • The story and details of specific red listed animals (or those soon to be) will be shared on the Current Rescue Mission page and on @brittneirae ’s Instagram.
  • When one rescue mission is complete, the next animal’s story will be shared.
  • We do not move on to the next animal until one mission is complete.

Step 2: Share information

  • As a part of the Red List Rescue team, it is your role to simply share the animal’s information given on any of your social media platforms when you can + tag friends, family, and resources that might be able to help.
  • Since all details are laid out for you on the Current Rescue Mission page and Brittnei’s Instagram – it takes no work on your end except to copy, paste, tag, and share.

Step 3: Continue the fight

  • We fight hard as an online team to find the right foster, rescue group, or adopter for the specific animal.
  • Once we are able to find and connect with the right foster, rescue, or adopter the mission is complete and the animals life is saved.
  • Until then, we keep sharing and updating our individual networks as a team.

Step 4: Stay connected

  • You will be provided updates on the status of our Red List Rescue efforts by email and Instagram updates via @brittneirae.
  • We do everything we can as a team to save each animal. And regardless of the outcome – you can rest assured that you have made an immense difference and will be continually updated.

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