Purchasers of The Wolf nutritional guidance package will get:

1. Initial phone call with Brittnei to discuss nutritional goals, personal history, and to answer any nutrition related questions you may have.
2. A five day cycle based meal plan to be carried out over the next 30 days. This plan will list a variety of proteins, carbs, and fats for you to choose from based on each day’s meal requirements. You will not be restricted from any one food source – but will be redirected as to what, how many and when to eat each!
3. Calculated estimate of total daily energy expenditure based on your caloric needs (in other words – knowledge of how many calories you should be consuming per day to help you meet your goals).
4. A PDF explanation of simple behaviors to help you manage your weight long-term.

** Please expect to hear from Brittnei within 7 days of ordering this package.
**All PDF documents and your custom meal plan will be created and sent directly to your inbox.


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