Sweat to Protect

In an effort to help UAnimals raise funds to protect animals during the war in Ukraine, I planned, coordinated, and advertised a highly successful fundraiser spanning 3 counties in Southern California (Video 1).

In total, we raised over 5k in a month for UAnimals. Thanks to the kindness of Training Mate, No Limit Personal Training, and Cynthia Hill Fitness, we were able to bring over 150 people together across 3 different bootcamps who all made donations. Many of them had not heard of UAnimals before or considered what animals in in Ukraine might be going through during the war as well.

I accepted donations via GoFundMe as well as in person. All donations were transparently shared and individual thank you were sent to each donor once the event was finished.

Fox 11 even decided to share about the fundraiser during 2 different segments aired on the 8pm news throughout the month (Video 2).

I was interviewed in person by Fox 11 host, Elex Michaelson alongside my colleague, Alex Prange (see photos).

Video 1
Video 2

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