The greatest of follies is to sacrifice health for any other kind of happiness.

-Arthur Schopenhauer

Staff & Volunteer Appreciation Events

Need to give your staff, volunteers, donors, or supporters a little boost? Want to say thank you for their hard work?

There is no doubt that we all need some extra TLC from time to time. Taking care of our minds and bodies is a great way to do so. As a certified personal trainer and fitness nutritionist, it brings me joy to help others release those endorphins. Whether through a bootcamp style workout or a yoga session (or both) – WSYC has you covered.

Want to turn it into a fundraising event for your organization? We can do that too! I will connect with outside vendors or groups interested in donating to your cause to create the perfect wellness focused event.

Such an event could take place at the office, in a parking lot, at the beach, or in a nearby park of your choosing.

Projects can be coordinated and executed both online and/or in person depending on needs. Pricing is unique to each project.

Examples of work done within this service:

  • BrittFit Sweat to Protect Beach Clean Ups and Bootcamps to raise money for various nonprofits while providing a workout and raffle prizes to attendees.
  • Axioms Fitness wellness events that involved collaborating with outside vendors to bring a morning of sweat and wellness to clients.
  • Hosting virtual zoom workouts for donors to the Joyful Heart Foundation’s monthly event.
  • Coaching @brittfit_live Instagram free community workouts and fundraisers to increase public engagement with overall WSYC work.


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